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Hybrid Camps

Each camp combines skill-building, teamwork, competition, and reflection in order for each participant to develop competency, confidence, awareness of their impact and influence on others, friendships with those on their team, and a new appreciation for how God can use everything to teach us about Himself. We will work with your team leaders on length, location, and schedule to help you meet your goals for your teams.


All experiences include the following:

  • Knots/lashing
  • Camp layout
  • Fire skills
  • After action reports
  • A Gospel presentation

Mix and match for a unique experience


  • Wood collection & processing
  • Water filtration
  • Knife use
  • Furniture construction
  • Campfire cooking
  • Navigating with compass
  • Tracking/evasion
  • Self-defense basics
  • First Aid: Stop the Bleed
  • Archery or slingshot
  • Foraging for food


  • Treasure hunt
  • Night robber
  • “Escape room” simulation
  • Survivor challenges
    (best shelter, quickest fire, etc.)
  • Target practice (with bow, slingshot or trebuchet)
  • Capture the Flag
  • Dodgeball
  • Obstacle course
  • Hunger Games


  • Fire and the passions
  • Living water
  • Sacrifice and altar
  • Incense and sanctification
  • Sin and missing the target
  • Communion and blood
  • Cord of three strands
  • God our refuge
  • God of war and justice
  • Samaritan principles
  • Image of God, male and female


  • Limited food and/or water
  • No tech
  • Voice lockdown
  • Mountain climb (1200+ ft)
  • Long hike (3+ hrs)
  • Surprise challenge(s)
  • Tarps only
  • Language barrier

What might it look like?

Youth Group

A youth missions trip serves with local ministries a few days but reserves three days and two nights for a Forge experience. They learn to build fire and shelters, challenge each other during the night watches to an ongoing Capture the Flag game, and connect with God after building an offering and reflecting on the meaning of sacrifice.
Campers creating a standard for their tribe

First responders

A group of adults wants to be more prepared for emergencies, so they spend four days and three nights in intensive First Aid and rescue simulations in which they must find and retrieve an injured person with limited supplies. They reflect on Jesus’s declaration that He came to seek and save. How can we become physical rescuers that point others to the Savior of our souls?


A church wants to offer a father/son retreat to its members, so they reserve a long weekend where the duos face off against each other in archery competitions and escape rooms, each night leaning into devotions about the image of God and our place as His sons around the fire.

What will your challenge be?