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Angel Forge Ministries Goes Live

It is with bittersweet emotions that we announce the launch of our new ministry, Angel Forge. Why? Because for the last seven years, we have served with the ministry Josh’s parents Jesús and Angelica founded: Latin American Ministries. LAM was recognized, trusted, and invested in by hundreds of friends and supporters over the years.

So why the change?

First, our overseeing board (previously of LAM now of AFM) recommended it strongly because of the loss of records for LAM that occurred when first Angelica and then Jesús died. It’s very hard to build a strong foundation when some of the pieces are missing.

Second, with the growth of Josh’s Forge camps, which started out as a secondary ministry under LAM, we have felt a shift in our focus and how our time is used. We certainly continue to resonate with the heartbeat of LAM – to see Latin American Christians raised up as missionaries and church planters, equipped with excellent Biblical training – but we also want to sharpen our focus to what we feel is our calling: To pioneer dynamic training experiences that move Christians beyond the four walls of a building, into challenge and adventure with God, preparing them to lead from a Biblical foundation in whatever sphere of culture and society they end up in.

And so, it is done. We have a new name and a new focus, but our desire is to continue serving our Lord, His Body, and our communities with excellence as we go forward.

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