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Become a partner

We can’t do what we do alone! Whether by being in touch with us, praying for us, coming to visit and minister with us, or financially supporting the ministry, we’d love to have you on our team! If you’d like to join our prayer team, fill out the form below letting us know that, and we will add you.


If you would like to donate regularly or one-time, to our general ministry budget or for a specific purpose, we are grateful for it!

Our current ministry needs are the following:

Add $1425 per month to cover our salary and recurring admin costs.

$2500 to set up the Mexican side of La Forja

$8,000 for a reliable ATV to use for camps

You can send a tax-deductible donation via Zelle to or Venmo using the button below.

Please contact us at the same email address or using the form below if you prefer to mail a physical check or do an EFT transfer, and we will get the information to you right away.

We also have a personal need to raise $6000 for 2024-2025 tuition costs for our two children as the local schools are low quality, far away, and dangerous. If you’d like to contribute to that, you can send a personal gift via Zelle or PayPal to

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