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Disciples that make disciples

The Bible is the foundation of everything we do and seek to teach. Increasing Biblical literacy in Latin America is a key to seeing the Spanish-speaking church grow and participate fully in advancing the Kingdom of God.

As in a natural army, the army of God should be constantly training its replacements. None of us know how long we have, so our work in discipling is to raise up others who can do what we do and more.

If we want different results, we must be willing to try new things. By creating new ways and places to connect with God and His Word, we hope to reach more people with the Gospel. #marketplace #contentcreators

Current activities

La Forja: Leadership Institute

5-day Modules, Fall and Winter, near Guadalajara, Jalisco

La Forja Leadership Institute is a survival and rescue training program, open to Christians and non-Christians, in which participants build skills and friendships on a Biblical foundation in a wilderness environment of challenge and risk. Over five modules, in which the content ranges from basic survival and first aid to advanced rope rescue, those who complete the program will have developed the skills to serve and the strength to stand no matter what life throws at them.

Forge Hybrid Camps

Offered year-round, length and location can vary

Josh brings his training and experience leading camps to offer churches, employers, missions teams, or other groups a custom-made experience to build team unity, go deep in the Lord, and build competence in real-life action adventure scenarios.

Local Church Support

Year-round, Guadalajara Metro Area

As experienced pastors and teachers, we regularly serve in the congregations the Lord leads us to, whether in children’s, youth, preaching, or worship ministry, praying that as we do the Mexican pastors we serve under and the believers we influence will grow in confidence and fearlessness as they live out God’s adventure for their lives.

Missions Mobilizing

Year-round, Locations vary

By receiving short-term teams from the States, supporting our Mexican brothers and sisters who consistently reach out to poor and unchurched communities, praying for the Global Harvest, using our influence to promote cross-cultural missions, and giving our time and talent to extend the reach of the Gospel, we continually lean into the Great Commission that Jesus gave us. Until all have heard…

La Forja showed me the world wasn’t as rotten as I had believed.
After attending, this young man deleted all his contacts connected to drugs and alcohol.
He wanted to start clean.

18-year-old La Forja Institute Participant


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